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All About Bach

Last month my musical colleagues at Lake Avenue Church performed an All-Bach Concert for about 700 people.  What an amazing evening it was.  Some of the photos taken that night are part of this blog. 


This concert was a spiritual experience for me.  Bach's music has a way of drawing me into God's greatness and never-changing love.  It is partly due to his steady, unwavering rhythm, as well as the genius of his voicing and the development of his musical motives.  His music is steady, unwavering, and carefully crafted.  I have no doubts that God gave J.S. Bach these gifts, which in turn he used to create the instrumental and choral works that we still perform today.

Every morning, in Altadena (just above Pasadena) I start the morning with Bach.  I open the windows to the studio, and I'm quite certain the melodies and harmonies of Bach's music travel through our neighborhood.  I really have no idea if this disturbs those who live around us, but I've come to the conclusion that it can only enhance and inspire their lives.  Even our golden retriever seems to appreciate the genius of the fugues as he wakes up each morning.

I'll end this blog with the words that Bach signed after many of his works were completed:

Soli Deo Gloria.

To God Be The Glory.



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