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A Colorado Christmas

What a weekend I had in December at First Presbyterian Church in Colorado Springs! Conductor Jamal Sarikoki commissioned a choral/orchestra piece earlier this year based on the song "Of The Father's Love Begotten".  Their choir and members of the local symphony presented a Christmas Concert at the Pikes Peak Performing Arts Center, and they invited me to conduct this piece at both concerts. Wow. What an honor it was!

It is experiences like this that make me feel grateful for a choir that believes the message of Christmas and communicates the miracle of Christ's birth through their spirit, their voices, and their words of kindness to those they meet.  I was the recipient of their deep faith as we walked through the weekend together.  Jamal is an outstanding singer and conductor and gave me this experience.  I will never forget it!

What a privilege we all have to be able to worship our God through music and the arts!

Rehearsal Video | Pikes Peak Performing Arts Center

Pikes Peak Performing Arts Center

Pikes Peak


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