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Chamber Music With Friends

In the last two months, I have had the privilege of making music with good friends, and I must say it was exhilarating. In October, Jaime Rankin and I performed at Westminster Presbyterian Church in Lancaster, PA, as part of their annual Concert Series. Mozart, Brahms, Saint-Saens, and Gershwin became a part of our lives for many weeks leading up to the Saturday night concert on October 21. We also experienced the wonderful people of Lancaster as we spent three days there eating, walking through farmland, and playing great music. Frank Dodd and Nancy Kuch, thank you for creating this event for us!

On Friday, October 27, I had the chance to perform in Seattle with two long-time friends from Central Washington University. Violinist Carrie Rehkopf and cellist John Michel joined me for a chamber concert at Southminster Presbyterian Church in Normandy Park. This concert included classical and sacred music and a premiere of a new trio I just finished, "Joshua Fit The Battle". There is nothing like writing and performing music with great friends!

BIG THANKS to my sister, Edie Martin for organizing the event and for playing several piano/organ duets on the program as well. My sister is amazing, and the congregation there reflects her joy and love of music.

Music revitalizes and feeds the soul. For me, the incredible people of Lancaster and Normandy Park made it possible for my colleagues and me to experience this very thing. I am very grateful for them!


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