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As the fall months approach this year, I am encouraged to hear about our churches, schools, and community ensembles creating a new way of bringing music to the people that surround us.  There is a discovery of music, some written years ago and some being written today, that has been overlooked until now.  Undiscovered music is now finding a place in recordings and concerts today.


I hope that some of the newer arrangements you’ll discover on this website will inspire you, helping to bring new life and renewed inspiration to your audiences, whether they meet in homes, small chamber venues, churches, or recital halls.   


We need to continue to be creative in how we perform and present music today.  Many changes have taken place in the past few years that have required us as musicians to think of new ways we can bring music to people.  I’ve just completed a commissioned work for a church in Colorado Springs, preparing it for their upcoming Christmas concert.  At the same time, I wrote a work for violin, cello, and piano to be performed this fall with good friends in Washington State.  For my friend in New York, I wanted to create a few arrangements for voice and piano, using old gospel melodies that contain timeless messages we can never forget.  These are the joys I experience as a musician that I know many of you share as well.   


May you be inspired to bring your gifts as performers and educators of music to those around you who need faith, encouragement, and spiritual renewal in the coming months.   


I would encourage you to use your God-given musical gifts like never before.  The world around us desperately needs this.  

Duane Funderburk


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