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The music represented on this website is written to lead musicians, congregations, and audiences into worship.  It was written primarily for church services and gatherings but has also been performed in recitals, concerts, schools, and community events.​


Most recently, some of this music has been played in one of the troubled spots of the world, a place that all of us know is in the midst of a terrible war and conflict.  My friend there is an associate concertmaster of a fine orchestra that currently does not exist.  The musicians have been called to fight this war or have escaped to other areas.  However, in the churches throughout this country, hope and deep faith in God draw people together.  Those with whom I am in contact have a deep assurance that God is with them through this current situation.  My associate there has asked for several of these arrangements to be sent to him, so that the musicians who remain can use them in services to remind them that God is faithful and will not abandon them.  In these worship services, expressions of beauty and faith are present as they turn to timeless hymns and songs.  ​  


HOPE.  It is a word that each of us need today, this month, this year, as we walk through life and make music together.  Musical collaboration is something I have loved for decades.  Much of what I write is written for friends and colleagues coming together to inspire one another and to praise our God through it.  I'm honored that you are taking time to explore what has been created.  I have no doubt that you will provide great hope to many people as you share  your gifts and talents through music.


Thank you for your support, your artistry, and your desire to make a difference in the lives of those around you during this unique and challenging time.​  


Duane Funderburk

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