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Looking Ahead in 2022

We are in a new year, in a time when writing and performing music can return to our churches, our schools, and our concert halls. In my own writing and performing, I find a renewed excitement in making music with friends and colleagues again, and I hope that many of you who have visited this website are experiencing the same joy of doing what we love to do again.

During the past 1-2 years, I've focused on creating music for smaller chamber ensembles, including piano and cello, piano trios, and wind quintet with piano. As this year progresses, there will also be new choral arrangements included in this site that have been commissioned by churches and organizations in anticipation of the return of our choral ensembles. This is something many of us have hoped for!

Thank you for visiting my website, and I hope this year brings you renewed energy and creativity as you continue to make music and arts a vital part of your life.

Duane Funderburk

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