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The word collaborate can be defined as working jointly on an activity, especially to produce or create something. Being collaborative includes two or more people working together for a special purpose.  

My degree from USC is in collaborative piano, so this term is a vital part of every musical activity I pursue. This term, however, can apply to many more areas of this life, especially as we strive to live in a way that serves one another.  

I can’t imagine making music without working alongside other musicians. Playing chamber music with friends, writing and collaborating with choral groups, vocalists, and orchestras gives me the most joy and sense of purpose, and I do see it as an important part of sharing my faith through this process.  

I do believe that most people who have found my website are very interested in musical collaboration as well. If so, we share something very uniquely special in common. We want to work with other musicians to create something together. In turn, we lift one another up in the process and create a common goal, hopefully to bring great beauty to a part of this world that desperately needs inspiration and faith right now.  

Fellow collaborators, lift someone up with your musical skills, supporting them with your gifts and abilities. Then take this project to as many people as possible, inspiring and lifting them up in this important time in which we all live.

May the contents of this website bring you some inspiration and new ideas! It is an honor to share this life with you.

Duane Funderburk

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